A fitness studio offering Spin, Barre and Yoga classes! We are located on main street at 5018 50 Ave St. Paul, AB.

SPIN | We bring the the heat with our spin program.  A 50 minute rhythm based ride that will leave you feeling powerful and accomplished. We also offer Xpress 35 minute spin classes, don't worry they still pack the same PUNCH! 

**NEW** #PowerUP spin class is a 45 minute ride with NO choreo/dance party moves.  Just you powering through a total dial domination!

**NEW** #CycleBarre class is a 50 minute class starting with spin and finishing off your bike with Barre for a hybrid workout class!

BARRE | We provide an athletic style of Barre that brings the HEAT!  A full body workout while strengthening, sculpting and toning your muscles.  We utilize the music as our motivation and use small movements with high repetition to achieve complete muscle burnout!

YOGA | We offer the best of both worlds when it comes to strengthening and restorative options.  Come try our Signature Relevé Restorative Flow class that targets Hips & Hamstrings.  A regular Yoga practices offers so many benefits not only physical but mental. Offering a variety of Vinyasa and Restorative classes as Bonuses to the schedule!